The marijuana industry is on track to become a $21 billion business by year 2021, according to ArcView Research. With many millions of dollars and businesses at stake, the industry is wringing its hands wondering what will happen under the new administration.

Many believe that President Trump’s words indicate that he will either be in favor of states rights or at least support medical marijuana. However, President Trump has already show his willingness to back away from campaign rhetoric. For example, “Mexico paying to build the wall” is now “Mexico is going to pay for it later.” So, there are no guarantees President Trump will stick to his previous statements

In addition, it is likely that Jeff Sessions will be confirmed as the next attorney general. It is well known-he is a marijuana critic and it is very possible that he could come down hard on the cannabis industry – morality trumping money. Marijuana Business Daily has distilled the possibilities of Trump’s effect on marijuana into five different scenarios in a new report.

By Debra Borchardt




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