Understanding the precise branding and marketing mission of a health and wellness brand delivering bliss and calm through cannabis-based solutions

As it turns out, health and happiness might be found at the tail end of a pen, one that appears designed to safeguard space-age intel rather than to deliver precise dosages of cannabinoids and terpenes formulations. Yes, hmbldt is in the marijuana business but don’t call it a marijuana brand. As its first delivery device, the dose pen, divulges upon first sight and inhalation, hmbldt is very much a health and wellness brand, one that is product and patient-first.

“We’re passionate about the power of cannabis and the amazing benefits of the plant and in no way are we shy about it, but when it comes to helping a potential patient, the priority is given to the benefit,” Derek McCarty, VP of marketing, informs PSFK.


You see, they’re not out to become the next go-to high at every college campus this side of the legalization debate. Their mission is to serve as an agent of improved sleep, reduced pain, uplifted energy, and extended relaxation; to meet key unmet needs in a bourgeoning marketplace; to educate consumers so they can move beyond the stigma clouding cannabis use; and, to “play a critical role in increasing the quality of life for millions of people.” All in a pen’s work.

To meet their multi-faceted mission, they’re working to make cannabis treatment as easy and predictable as possible. They expect their product development and marketing will play a large part in both their success as a company, and in overturning what amounts to almost a century of stigmatization.

Yet, “in the early 1900s and before, there was widespread and widely documented use of using cannabis for a myriad of health benefits. But that stopped around the 1930s and the plant’s role in society changed.”

By Bogar Alonso

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