Presented to the cannabis consumer as a functional, even utilitarian design concept, comes the first of its kind; pizza box with a convenient perforated punch out and foldable pipe, including a ceramic bowl. Created by a collective out of San Francisco: Push For Pizza in collaboration with Nikolas Gregory design studio, this package design successfully mixes together the two popular rituals of smoking cannabis and eating pizza. The graphic design of the box is bold and as impactful as its playful architecture.



The question then becomes: will I ever need a cardboard cutout pipe with a ceramic bowl? Don’t most people already have a vaporizer, a glass piece, or a bong? Nevertheless, this cardboard pipe will become a handy tool in a pinch and be useful in multiple situations including parties. Thus, this packaging concept primarily serves as a fun novel idea, which occasionally sparks criticism. However, be cautious of disregarding this gesture as a merely banal “stoner” concept of form and humor. This smart multifunctional box is communicative design with the potential to ignite change.


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