Kyle Turley believes marijuana counters the effects of CTE and he wants the NFL to allow players to use it.

The National Football League is at a crossroads.

It is facing a concussion problem that it can no longer deny. There might be something that can help … but it’s currently sitting on the NFL’s banned substances list. Eventually, the league is going to have to make a decision on marijuana.

Former San Diego State offensive lineman Kyle Turley played 8 seasons in the NFL. As it did with many players, the savage nature of the game at the point of attack took a toll on his body … and eventually his mind.

“I got to a point of hopelessness where I was consistently taking pills every day to deal with ailments that I received playing football,” says Turley. “It started here at San Diego State where I blew my knee out in 1996 and that started my on an opiate addiction. I had a personal experience with cannabis that changed my life. It saved it.”

Some NFL players have reportedly taken up to 30 pain killers in a day to combat the lingering pain of injuries they suffered playing the game. Turley says he was not at that level but still, the addiction to opiates was taking him down a dark, dark path.

“As I sat on my couch, hopeless with life, when I’ve got a beautiful wife and kids sitting at home and a lot of money and all these great things that I’ve accomplished that I should be pretty proud and happy about, and I found myself depressed and in an unbelievable hole.”


Turley was introduced to cannabis and all of a sudden his quality of life improved. No more pain killers. No more thoughts of ending the pain permanently. He believes so much in the restorative properties of cannabis that he founded Neuro Armor, a company that develops cannabis products.

“It is highly important that people understand what this plant can do to its full extent. We are seeing unbelievable things in our community and that’s what happened to me. It almost took my life.”

However, the NFL has long been firmly against marijuana use, even the kinds that eliminate THC (the substance that makes a user feel “high”). Turley is hoping a spike in scientific research will help pro football reconsider that stance.

“You hope that the NFL, being the organization that they are with as much power as they have, that they would advance things; that they wouldn’t follow. I like some of the things I’m hearing, that is a shift happening with the National Football League where they are opening their ears finally to what cannabis can do for their community.”

By Derek Togerson


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